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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  February 14, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PST

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ahead of super tuesday. who will be here in the bay area today. >> from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. it's valentine's day. i'm pam cook. >> and, i'm dave clark. we're going from hot weather to some cold weather. >> it was super cold last night. . >> when that fog came back boy did it ever. 40s and 50s. and there's plenty of low clouds to go around and start moving in last night. it's like wait a minute. i'll have to check the calendar. probably won't change because just about everybody says cloudy. the on shore breeze is offshore into the delta. maybe a little mist drizzle. had some of that yesterday.
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and we'll continue that today. sal castaneda is here. happy friday. >> same to you sir. . >> let's go out and see what you have with the morning commute. we don't have a lot going on. this is good. it's so early we don't have any slow downs even though we've had some minor wrecks here and there. no problems on interstate 80 and athy. 4:01. let's go back to the desk. pete buttigieg, the democratic presidential candidate will be here today. all of this as the presidential candidates are focusing on the west coast. ktvu's joits jana katsuyama has
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the latest. >> this is the guy that's going to beat donald trump. >> martinez mayor rob schroder is part of the growing mayor's for mike group. also a former republican says he understands why gop has left the gop. . >> patty mitchell is a bloomberg campaign staffer. she says she was a kamala harris supporter until she dropped out. >> i started looking at the polls and felt like nobody could defeat trump. >> mitchell says bloomberg's rising poll numbers has raised interest in the billionaires. >> curious. want to know more. >> california's new march 3rd super saturday primary makes it
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a highly coveted prize. elizabeth warren already has offices in the golden state with volunteers working the ground game and other candidates have come through california for fundraisers including amy klobuchar. and tulsi gabbert. for a get out the early vote rally at noon in richmond. his previous rallies has drawn big crowds such as this one last summer. and pete buttigieg picked up a key endorsement on thursday. >> his youth is one of the things i really like about him. >> buttigieg will be holding a town hall in sacramento hoping to capitalize off of a good finish. >> to be able to go to a front
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runner in a year or so shows his tenacity and energy. >> if you are working in a small town of the midwest of the united states you know what's concerning people right now with the economy. >> jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 newsment. >> there's a new poll out saying about 5 and a half million people declared themselves no party preference. the latest poll gives bernie sanders a solid lead in california with 29% support in last week's poll. elizabeth warren had 16%. pete buttigieg has 14%. and joe biden at 11%. today, california attorney general javier becerra will hold a news conference about a double homicide last year. authorities have made arrests in connection to the shooting deaths of two boys just before
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thanksgiving. 14-year-old sean washington and 11-year-old kevin hernandez were inside a van when someone opened fire in the vanment. the report of coronavirus cases has jumped. china has expanded its definition of that virus. 5,000 new cases reported in china. pushing the number around the world to more than 65,000 and more than 1400 people have died from it. fears of growing from medical workers. six of them have died. well american authorities reporting a 15th coronavirus case here in the u.s. the patient is a woman. she traveled alone to china. she evacuated last friday and was quarantined in san antonio, texas. she gopped a fever tuesday morning. was later tested positive for the virus. she's now isolated at a
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hospital in texas. >> there may be additional cases that we identify. i do want to prepare you for that. we're still within the potential incubation period for coronavirus. >> the world health organization says it doesn't have any new imp apply indications of the coronavirus spreading around the world. the head of the cdc is a bit more pessimistic saying the coronavirus could be a problem through this year and even in the future. today's the last flight from sfo to mainland china for at least six weeks. sfo has the second most flights to china behind lax. and the flights to and from china will hurt sfo's revenue. time now 4:06. two homicide suspects are in santa clara county's main jail right now.
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marcus pardeau and richard torres were wanted in the east bay hills last month. torres was arrested tuesday in santa clara. after a long standoff in san jose. ktvu fox 2 news spoke to pardeau's father shortly after his son was arrested. >> i know my son is not capable of killing somebody. i mean he's had some issues. >> both men are accused in the shooting death of 26-year-old richard nuwin. investigators haven't told us to link them to the killing. a daytime stabbing in the downtown area. it happened shortly after 1:30 yesterday afternoon near the intersection of 6th and market streets. police say the attacker stabbed two men. officers later arrested the suspect near the crime scene. time is now 4:07.
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the hit and run suspect accused of hitting three pedestrians in san francisco is due in court. investigators say 62-year-old steven kernen of san francisco was driving a prius and hit a man in the crosswalk. then hit two other people getting off an muni bus. police say this surveillance video and several surveillance cameras could give them answers in this case. >> we want to gather as much information so we can present this case to the district attorney's office. >> now police say the driver at first sped away from the crash scene but came back a couple of minutes later. two victims were critically hurt. the third was treated there at the scene. authorities later ruled out alcohol or drugs as being a factor in that collision. today, marin county unveils a life-saving app. the hard saving mobile app.
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someone experiencing cardiac arrest can alert someone nearby. a man had heart problems last june and used this alert system. time is now 4:09. happening today, the san francisco international airport is opening it bs new outdoor observation to i, the sky deck. in the presecurity area so you don't need a boarding pass to go into it. it offers 180-degree views of sfo's busiest runway. it also includes an exhibit that celebrates the long history of the airport. the sky terrace will be open seven days a week from 7:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night. >> that's really cool. my dad would of loved that. sal, i don't know if you've been. in san diego my dad would like to watch the planes. sometimes you could listen to
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the pilots in the control tower. >> i used to do that at the edge of the runway there. they used to let you just park there real close. they don't let you do that anymore. good morning, everyone. let's go out and take a look at the commute now in gilroy and hollister and san juan batista. watsonville, the whole thing looks good. you can see traffic is off to a nice start on this friday. i hope we have a light friday. right now we certainly do. let's hope it stays this way. just a little friday wish for you on valentine's day. 4:10. let's bring steve paulson back in here. >> you could do that at san jose too. .
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here at henry's high life you look up and they fly over all the time. fog is back and boy is it ever. this is a big fog bank is everywhere. it's amazing how our weather is a little whacky right now. 30s for a couple lake part. 40s and 50s for most. 40s all the way up to cloverdale and hillsboro. there's really not going to be too much change here. south wind at oengd north. west southwest at diablo. west at atlas peak. the on shore breeze is in place. with that in place and that fog out there, the water temps are very cold. it doesn't take much when something comes in to high pressure it along and the rain stays north. overcast. maybe some drizzle. we had that yesterday. penn grove up to santa rosa. 50s and low 60s on the highs now. it's a cool pattern. a big fog bank will stay with
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us. nights and mornings will take us into sunday. no rain in sight yet, you guys. time now just about 4:12. in san jose, thousands of families are going to be affected by what the evergreen school district has decided. why two elementary schools are closing. >> and, a northern california man finally convicted of murder finally freed 14 years. what evidence led to his release. fighting climate change
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isn't just about polar bears. we're fighting for our lives, we're fighting for clean air and clean water. that's why i wrote the law to send billions from polluters to communities suffering the most. and only one candidate for president was with us back then, tom steyer. and he's still fighting for us, pledging to make clean air and clean water a right for everyone, regardless of your zip code. that's the truth. that's tom steyer. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. last night the evergreen unified school district in san jose voted 4-0. the district is facing a $12 million budget short fall and risks a takeover by the county. the move affects 700 students who will now be reassigned to four different neighboring schools. >> the decision to close schools is not an easy one and it's, many school districts in california are having to go through the same process because of declining enrollment. >> the district says the schools were chosen because of low enrollment trends and operational costs. administrators are planning to close a third school at the end
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of next year. but that school has not been identified. chesa boudin, san francisco's district attorney is talking about his push for criminal justice reform since he took office last month. >> we are dealing with historically high levels of housing levels. all of which are part of the context in which we face these challenges. but, we need to also remember that we are asking the police to do an impossible job and we are failing because we're looking at these problems solely through a criminal justice lens. >> last night boudin took part in the black lives matter, they talked about race, reducing mass incarceration, and resit vichl. now the non part son says
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the transfer could save the state money. the state has not executed anyone since 2006 and governor newsom imposed a moratorium when he took office last year. time is now 4:17. a man from el dorado county who spent 14 years in jail has been released now. cleared after prosecutors found new dna evidence. back in 2005 davis was sentenced in the 1985 killing of his roommate jane hilton. he was convicted after his former girlfriend claimed she witnessed and helped him with that crime. however, the northern oregon innocence pressed investigators to look at dna that dna matched another man, michael green. this week, he was arrested in roseville. >> this is the first case in
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california and only the second in this country where investigative genetic jeanology has not only led to the freeing of an individual from prison from a crime he did not commit but the information identification of the true source. >> the attorney for davis says he will seek compensation for the 14 years he spent in prison 4:18 is the time. back over to sal castaneda. i hear we're going to start traffic jams a little early today. >> yes, in the 5:00 hour. songs about love. since it's valentine's day. >> like "love stinks". >> right. exactly. it's up to you. you don't even have to participate. you can just listen. good morning, everyone. let's go out and take a look at san jose. no issues on interstate 880.
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i don't see a lot going on. this is just the kind of commute we want on a friday. it looks very nice coming in to san francisco. i did see a little bit of misty fog. i'll go back to san jose. . >> there is a little fog for everybody, sal. but it's not really on the deck. . >> is that it or are you tossing to me? >> i'm tossing to you steve paulson. 40s and 50s. hopefully you haven't lost that loving feeling. i've lost it for rain. it's just boring as all get up. 40s and 50s although we've gone from record highs to cooler. san francisco's 49. mostly cloudy. pressure 30.06. fog bank's not going anywhere
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any time soon. mostly cloudy to cloudy skies. 40s or 50s if you have the fog. a couple of 30s if you don't. pretty far northeast. walnut creek's 48. lafayette's 48. martinez, san leandro. so there's mostly temperatures upper 40s to 50s. on shore breeze in place or a south wind or a west southwest for just about everybody. davis, vacaville, travis, and napa. a couple of days ago it was all north. 23 up in tahoe. 44, 4 to you chiia and sacramento. now the system will sweep through and turn us a little breezy. 50s and 60s on your highs today. they've come back down to where they should be this time of year. it will be sunny, maybe a little breezy later in the afternoon. overall except for the morning clouds we'll see a dry pattern
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into early next week. a murder suspect was kicked out of court during his trial. coming up details of an outburst of profanity. and why the victim's family thinks it was all just an act. >> plus, the battle between two well known new york city businessmen. how michael bloomberg is responding to an attack by donald trump. tom steyer: listen, every democrat running for president is better than the criminal in the white house. we all have progressive plans to address the big challenges facing our country. what makes me different, is i've been working
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for ten years outside of washington, to end the corporate takeover of our democracy, and to return power to the american people. i started need to impeach to hold this lawless president accountable. i'm proposing big reforms like term limits... ...a national referendum... ...and ending corporate money in politics. as president, i'll declare climate change an emergency on day 1. and, use those powers to finally address the climate crisis. and, i've spent 30 years building a successful international business. so, i can take on donald trump on the economy - and beat him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message - because there is nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people.
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othroughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 4:23. the man accused of killing nia
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wilson will be in court this week. ktvu's henry lee tells us what happened. >> it was a day of defiance for accused murderer john cowell. at first, he refused to come to court and later after showing up because of being ordered to by the judge he was thrown out. latifa wilson was stabbed in the neck by cowell. >> he's showing signs of manipulation. he knows what reverse psychology is. >> cowell became unglued as  prosecutor butch fore showed him graphic images. shouting i don't know what that is as the d.a. repeatedly asked cowell to look at the video he became angry saying back the f off.
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they can't force me to say sif i'm iffing leaving. >> he continues to answer questions until the whole courtroom is going to see that he's about to get kaulgt and then he does that. >> she acknowledged she never mentioned aliens or fake skin in an interview with the defense. two things cowell mentioned on the stand. the judge indicated he will not declare a mistrial over that issue. in oakland henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. time is now 4:25. despite safety concerns, bart says crime is down compared to this time yesterday. alvarez says crime is down 18% comparing january of this year
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to january of 2019. also bart says there's been a big drop in cellphone thefts. in january of last year there were 74 thefts compared to 46 this year. the police chief says a recent increase in uniform officers is paying off. meantime, the chp arrested a man in connection with a violent attack on a bart train. he's accused of beating another bart passenger with a chain after they argued on tuesday. it happened near the lake merit bart station that was headed to daily city. the suspect has not been identified but can be seen on surveillance cameras on the train at the coliseum bart station. the suspect was arrested yesterday by the chp. bart's board of directors could soon make changes to the daily parking fees at the station. the current fee is $3 at all stations except west oakland where it's 10.$50.
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. time is now 4:26. still ahead... scientists just confirmed this january was the hottest january ever recorded. coming up the weather forecast for the rest of 2020 and is california going into another drought. >> and, democratic candidates eye california ahead of super tuesday. who will be in the bay area. ♪ ♪ the wait is over. try my new tiny tacos. 15 for 3 bucks or loaded for 4 bucks. delivered exclusively with uber eats.
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putting term limits on congress, 15 foaboutucks or loaded for 4 bucks. washington insiders went crazy. they said term limits are bad, that they'll break government. what a joke! congress is working fine for politicians and corporations,
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but it's not doing anything for real people on climate, health care or gun safety. the only way we get new ideas is electing new people, including a president willing to shake-up washington. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. ♪ the wait is over. try my new tiny tacos. 15 for 3 bucks or loaded for 4 bucks. delivered exclusively with uber eats. we're all trying to hold it together here and we're all trying to live peacefully and so it's pretty scary. >> one neighborhood very nervous. police trying to track down a suspect they believe has been involved in several armed robberies in just the last few days. >> plus... attorney general william barr speaking out against president trump. what he has to say about the
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president's social media habits. . >> from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. well, good morning, to you. thank you, for joining us. it's friday, february 14th. it's a happy valentine's day for pam. >> and you. >> and, good morning. i'm dave clark. >> and, good morning. i'm pam cook. and we wore out the red with the parade and the chinese new year. playing some love songs. >> "you've lost that loving feeling" all right. let's get to it here. we have a big fog bank. 40s and 50s. we'll end up with upper 50s and low 60s. san jose has a little overcast near 50 degrees. i don't think the lows will move too much. there's too much in the way of fogs and clouds and there it is. 40s, 50s


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